The Intoxicator

Born and raised in The Bronx in New York, Davida Allen developed a love for cooking and baking at an early age.  When she moved out on her own, she was able to experiment more in the kitchen, often trying out recipes on family and friends.  Drunken Rum Cakes is not her first business, as she had another baking venture, Vida de Dulces, where she made cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies and cookies.  Due to the popularity of her rum cakes, she decided to splinter her rum cakes off into its own business and Drunken Rum Cakes was born.

Davida is married with 2 teenagers and a toddler. With the increasing popularity of Drunken Rum Cakes, her family supports her and helps out when needed.  You can find Davida at local pop-up shops around Baltimore, selling her intoxicating cakes. Drunken Rum Cakes is also a featured dessert at Red Star Bar & Grill, located in historic Fell's Point in Baltimore. 

Davida is extremely passionate about her cakes and customers, "I love when customers call or email me when they receive their cakes. I love how excited they get about the flavors.  When I create cakes, I imagine each bite like a party in the mouth.  I want the flavors to dance on your tongue.  I want my customers to feel pleasure when they take a bite. I'm intoxicating palates."