Our Cakes

Just a Drink   
Our original rum cake.  Moist and flavorful. Sure to be a palate-pleaser.  Good for those who want the flavor without a buzz.

A Little Tipsy
Same moist and delicious cake, but with a bit more alcohol to make you feel a little warm and toasty.

Get a‏ slice and grab you a chaser!  There is no holding back with this one.  Feel that little sting in the back of your throat while enjoying this sweet treat.  Don't be surprised if it gets stronger by the day.


 *All of our cakes are available in our original yellow based cake as well as  chocolate and coconut.  We also feature seasonal flavors.

**Cakes are available in a standard bundt (local area only), 4" minis, 2" minis and bite-sized minis.  We have sizes available for all occasions and needs.  For 2" and bite-sized minis, please contact us so we may discuss your needs.

***1 bundt = 1 doz 4" minis = 36 2" minis = 72 bite-sized minis